Flood of Kool


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“If you’re looking for a pretty melody then look no further, Mondrian have whipped up a record that’s so sweet and romantic that it’s only something the French could think up of. Cute beat and lovingly twee vocals. The sound of young love, walking hand in hand and soaking up the simple pleasures of life and stealing a kiss in the process.” Stagedive Malta, 01/10/2012.

“A smooth sound that combines catchy production with fresh vocals and some Parisian flare.” Not Some Kid, 01/11/2012.

“Unmistakably and unashamedly French but with the universal appeal that saw Phoenix win so many of us over, as this comparison seems a slightly lazy one, Flood Of Kool is full of sweet, inventive pop songs with killer hooks and softly sung harmonies that also recalls the hazy beauty of Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils.” Gold Flake Paint, 01/12/2012.

“Poppy Death Cab for Cutie-esque sound working really well and English-as-a-second-language lyrics that are never awkward or hamhanded.” Surviving the Golden Age, 01/13/2012.

“There is elegancy in their sound, it seems that each notes played is thought.” Vocododo, 01/13/2012.

"I can hear confidence and candor between the lines of their music." Layabozi, 01/18/0212.


released January 1, 2012

All songs by Roman Oswald & Morning Crash.
Mixed by Morning Crash.
Recorded at Hameau Clinchard.


tags: pop Paris


all rights reserved
Track Name: Paris
I wonder how far it’s true/I wonder how far it’s you/Is future at this condition: devoted to erosion?/I hate this part of Paris/Copy Berlin, that can be fun/A bit of hotness from Brooklyn/And paste it all on my town/In every instance, I hate what traders have done and what lovers haven’t/Oh what a lament this sounds/I hate to play that part/I’m stirred to the heart/Shameless Abbesses/On the right bank/Endless abyss/On the left bank/Ed Rec wankers/On the right bank/Fake fun, duck face/On the left bank.
Track Name: Henry the behaviourist
Stay wide awake not to waste this hand I hold you/It never crossed your mind that we together could go through/“Two” goes with “You”/But “One” with “None” interest to my person/Off I goo-goo, off you’re gone/Henry the behaviourist!/Meet me at mid-dream where we’ll be in chorus/I’ve been speculating on us/Run, run, run till you break my nerves/And just mess things up/ You can’t help to mess things up/Meet me at mid-dream where we’ll be in chorus/I’ve been speculating on us/Run, run, run till you break my nerves/After hours/Cool down, cool down, or we’ll come to blows/9-1-1, now it’s all square at two all.
Track Name: Bolt from the blue
On my way to leave you, Stella/And about to sail off the shore/I remember when nothing went wrong/Your jet-black curls across a keffiyeh/Your ponytail sweeping up my face/Lovers, we never put on airs/I remember the least of your words, of your gesture/No need to put it down on paper/I remember/And I’m brooding over/Because you do need too/A boy, a bolt from the blue/Humiliating young males/And boxing up their shadows/You got me going, going, going around/You got me going, girl like never before/You got me going, going, going around/Don’t you remember, forevermore?/Because you do need too/A boy, a goy, a new Jew/Humiliating young males/And boxing up their shadows/Everyday nine-to-five my mind kept occupied by her smile/When nothing was promised she appeared in the aisle with that smile/In my life.
Track Name: Song for Georgia May Jagger
You know who I’m with and why/Smell of honey, breath of brine/The more you taste, the more you ask for unusual dials from outer space/As you never bow out of the race/That, I heard it through the grapevine/At the very base of your first promise when I wondered how many fingers make five/Near death life experience/I’m not a Tyrannosaurus/If only I could reverse time/Or just rehearse those words/Pronounced once by your side/Georgia… May I?/So I put my head off the oven trying to get head straight/I hope you’ll probably stop medicine/As my heart is already a tired engine/First aid to a drowning guy/You know who I’m with and why/As everything’s not in its place, especially this jaguar on my jugular.
Track Name: More of the sweetest thing
From blinking lights to decaffeinated nights/One must be patient/As I used to run a winkle stall/I thought it would have worked with the same holds/The hold? So far, she’s got me under her control/More of the sweetest thing/I long for more, but that I just don’t show/More of the sweetest sting/I just want more, as though you don’t know/In the middle of nowhere, nowhere near my mom-in-law/A ring in my hand, all my mates in the front row/Am I responsible for this bad joke?/Bound hand and foot, tied to the cause?/And forever, at her beck and call/Hers, mind, body, cock and soul/I fell for her/Hook, line and sinker/It’s not really a time for laughter, bro’/I got myself in real trouble, you know/In the middle of nowhere, nowhere near a judge/At the hands of that girl with which I shared the deluge/May this be the last of a thousand rows?/The last of a thousand rows/The last of the living roses.
Track Name: Maverick
Grab my hand, it’s worth smoking weeds with poor dressed minds/So business your own and pick up a bone and make some holes inside/Come on, come on, get along/Come on, come on, the choice is yours/Come on, come on, little girl/Lost in indecision/I’ll prove my patience twice rather than once/The day you’ll burn me up and down/But truth of evidence: you’re not mine/Cos’ I never turned you upside down/You just fly the white flag/Even before beginning rehab/You and I face the facts/We can’t hold together and last very long/Grab my hand, it’s worth dragging heels with Dior-dressed blondes/So hurry up and wait for what’s been left before we were forced into exile/Come on, come on, get along/Come on, come on, come closer/Come on, come on, maverick/Time will do the trick/It’s now or never to say yes to my arms.