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All songs by Roman Oswald & Les Gordon.


released July 5, 2013


tags: pop Paris


all rights reserved
Track Name: Normandy
She dives her body in the Rio/Here it’s Normandy, she’ll catch a cold.
Track Name: Far cry
If you’re speaking of choices/Before the fork of the road/If you’re saying “keep your distance”/Why don’t you apply this to you?/And cut it short, drama off, and let it go out of your mouth for what it’s worth/Letting go, you’re getting young, younger/A far cry is never far enough/Between you and I, hate’s stung with struggle/A far cry is never far enough/Far cry/Just listen once to reason/We can’t go on together/Read my thought on my t-shirt/“Young man without anger”.
Track Name: Static
Hanging out, dragging around in the same old shoes/Embody the candidate predicted to lose/Hanging out, burning some time with boredom and booze/Waiting for the random shot, play-or-pay rule/Cos’ those in high places don’t have to face these fences as you and I/No, they’re not going to lie, they’ve made it clear, for them/We are what we smell and we smell seriously bad/Static and in a stationary state/For years I was running for the sun/Living in the past? Thank you so much!/But nothing has changed and budged an inch/Stuck to this sedentary bench/Hanging out, travelling at the speed of thought/How long does it take to take off all your doubts?/Hanging out, killing some time here on my own/Clean up your backyard before to become off the wall/Oh even before my birth I was lost for the slightest reason/Part of the problem, never part of the solution/Never.
Track Name: Nice as pie
That’s the way she talks/That’s the way she walks/She’s pretty good at turning me on/How to make it with Josephine?/How to deal with necessary evil?/What does this mean?/I’m feeling so fine when she isn’t that well/What’s going on there?/Is it going on well?/If it goes like this it’s not very fair/Cos’ I never did this with anyone/Oh, I never did, that’s why I’m in two minds/Josephine, you’re never sorry, see all the partners you date/Your grovelling apology ended in the basket case/“Crash your flesh in mine”, you said I fly/“Crash your flesh in mine”, it’s nice as pie/I wanna do drugs with you/I wanna sleep with you/Easy does it knocking on my door/Take this rope/Hope that helps/You must be having another dry spell/Bathing with sharks/What a myth is death/Let’s make it in the dark/Here at least it’s safe/No, no, you don’t have to/Be upset/This isn’t you/This marionette/And I won’t do this anymore/That’s why I’m in doubt.
Track Name: Efforts to fall
All my waking hours/Spent dreaming of you alive, yeah/Cos’ love comes but once/Brilliantly moustached, balaclava on/Make me laugh as slow as one can/Take the world by storm/Girl, you have this gift for life/So much that you’re asked/To take it back/She sweeps me off my feet/See my efforts to fall/She sweeps me off my feet/See my efforts to fall/All my running battles/Spent burning such low calories/ Cos’ love comes but once/Brilliantly moustached, balaclava on/Make me feel more worse than one guess/Suffer a reverse/Boy, God bless your lack of life/So much that you’re asked/To leave the place.
Track Name: Let it Schlingo
Charlie needs a daily dose of chance, what else?/Don’t you think like everyone he looks like shit personified?/Charlie needs to knock on wood and to chase his demons out/Eat your flag, Charles, cos’ love had never been so high/With seven chances left, he makes half the way/To get by quite OK.
Track Name: Bitter with tears
Find me a mum, a nun if necessary/1982-2003/That’s a good number, call from anywhere for free/Just what the doctor ordered to be/I miss my elder/Bro’, this was so, blessing/Make it a little bit less/Less bitter with tears/Shaken, not stirred, please/Kid sister/ Times are tough, Papa and you dig tha’ stuff: drama/Where dreams rest in peace/Where it’s at, hand it back/Hand it back where it is/Try your hand at hearing me out/Or just set now your conditions down/Get over it and move forward/Versatile chameleon/This is what it’s all about.