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« Mondrian est un duo parisien de petites frappes qui font de l’internationale pop lo-fi, mais avec classe. Roman Oswald et Les Gordon s’expriment sur une boîte à rythmes et des synthés cheap auxquels ils ajoutent le chant et la guitare. Les fans du manifeste C86 risquent de fondre en un instant devant ces fragiles chansons qui vont droit au cœur. On avait déjà repéré Mondrian l’an passé lorsque le vinyle, « Isn’t It Fun », avait été édité par le micro-label Without My Hat. Le tandem récidive aujourd’hui avec ce nouvel EP digital qui contient autant des « trucs limite mainstream » selon leurs dires (« Rich In Patience ») que des titres hérités de la pop façon Sarah Records (« Welcome Newcomer »). » Gérôme Guibert, in Magic Revue Pop Moderne #184.


released May 30, 2014

Recorded at AusterlitzF3.
Composed by Roman Oswald & Les Gordon.
Mixed & mastered by Les Gordon.
Contact : mondriantheband@live.fr


tags: pop Paris


all rights reserved
Track Name: Rich in patience
Such sugar, it's a miracle/'D better keep your feet on the ground/With stuff like that, one step at a time/Wait your term like any alpha wolf/But I’ll jump at this chance/She’s my own big mistake/Do you know this sensation?/She’s got two faces/And face in the dirt/I will swallow her affront/Way back to the drawing board/Don't look at me like a lost cause/My Oh My/She never has enough/Never had enough/My Oh My/I’ve been rich in patience/A passive resistance/What a waste but a beautiful one/I like being under influence/How could I regret what it costs?/Just lost myself in her lure/Way back to square one.
Track Name: Monkey all the way
Into marmalade/Here she goes again/Dressed up as a guest/An apartment plant/Wrapped up in her hands/Who knows thoroughly who’ll go bankrupt/Who knows thoroughly what’s wrong with you?/Who knows thoroughly what goes on here?/When everybody’s got somebody to fear/And scare/Except me and my… oh, you know what I’ll say/Right through your iris/Tricks I can’t help to play/Anger is building/But you stay monkey all the way/Into marmalade/Digging your own grave.
Track Name: Origami Appreciation Society
Please hear my calling, no blue collar blow/Algorithms grow like balcony tomatoes/I lift my finger, firm believer/Don’t piggyback on me/Hint that’s over, dear thought leader/Frail like origami/We the people/Don’t know what we form/We the people/Don’t know what we’re born… for?/Well, I should know by now that I must slow down/Hard to comment upon that but it's just not right/In the recovery room, the bloom comes off the rose/You and I were here with prose but we vanished from the minds/We the people/Don’t know what we own/We the people/Waste all on our own.
Track Name: Welcome newcomer
I’ll take care of you/First class service/I’ll put a lot in this/My tailor is rich/But I need to know/Where, when and how/Girl, don’t be bothered, we’re having gold this year/Great to have you here, welcome newcomer/Gosh, never surrender, though it’s no more fun/I’ll be your nurturer/This light you’ve in, it’s gold you’re on/I’ll take charge of you/First class service/I swear I won’t eat you/My sailor is fish.