P​.​U​.​M​.​A. (Previously Unreleased Material Adrift)


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released June 17, 2012

All songs by Roman Oswald & Les Gordon
Mixed by Les Gordon at Rue Boulard
Artwork by Les Gordon

Contact : mondriantheband@live.fr


tags: pop Paris


all rights reserved
Track Name: Rise & fall of a golden boy
Why such serious everyday?/If trees give hippies, piggies the Milky Way/Why a suitcase and a suit ?/Bought on eBay for half the value/It’s oh so sad and disappointing/A suicide, ain’t it so?/Cos’ society, now you know/That I never saw Jesus in you/But how you treat me/Encourages me/In this way/“Our ordinary bread is nobody’s everyday”/Do me a favour, don’t get around my question/Is your goal globalization?/See “Rise and fall of a golden boy/Seen by a porn star using no sextoy”/Yesterday, you ruled my world/Now, you’re a tooth that hurts.
Track Name: They don't dance much in Idaho
Our heroes were not ok so talentuous but in a way/They don’t dance much in Idaho now, do they ?/They don’t dance much/They don’t dance.
Track Name: Little to live for
This is my tip for a beginner/This isn’t deep or you're a raconteur/“Looking for Job is just another job”/That, I’ve told you to behold/Too much to live with, too little to live for/It’s said and done, I won’t give an encore/She used to laugh and that really set me off/I never asked for more than this little to live for/With little to live for/This is my hit for a century/If it doesn’t fit, it’s a felony/Put your mouth where the cash flow is/So you don’t have to regulate/With little to live for.
Track Name: Personville USA
In the eye of the hurricane/With my paper plane/I let myself get/Carried away in a field of waves/Hit by a zephyr/Nowhere down to shelter/You may say/Everything tastes the same/In Personville, USA/Nothing but residential poisoning/That’s Personville/All you need is some common sense/I mean it's evident/Don't let yourself go/Carried away in a surge of craze/Slogans and phrases/Taken up in chorus.
Track Name: Venus with gloves
I've been trying my hardest and realized/That nothing dies out as fast as a dead cat bounce/But lastly “Eureka!”/I met the girl with the Leica/Venus with gloves, yeah/I've been trying my strongest to barbarize/That girl, she's a mimicry of Barbara the goody-woody/But lastly “Eureka!”/I met my ex from the suburbia.
Track Name: John Wayne syndrome
Too much of a good thing is never enough/That is the very truth/But this is for starters/I won’t let you order on the next episode/You seem to have noticed/Boys mostly do this/To throw love to the dogs/So take the bull by the horns/Wear the pants, pop the corn/And you’ll be allowed to/Go around to do the cowboy job/Unaware of having some John Wayne syndrome/Here’s another kicker:/As far as I’m swearing/You do those kinds of things good/Just too much of a good thing/Nothing else matters/
That is my deep thought.