Tea boy, dry biscuits & roller disco beat


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“With their latest release, they depart from their customary low-key 60s-70s surf rock to wander into a more electronic landscape, with hints of synth and electropop. It’s jagged and robotic and yet addictive as hell and irresistibly poppy!” Umstrum, 07/22/2012.

“Great electro-pop dancey number. Good to have you guys on our Radar!" Off the Radar, 07/23/2012.

"Mondrian’s fifth EP 'Tea Boy, Dry Biscuits & Roller Disco Beat' finds the band going electronic. It's snappy and tight. There’s a good chance you’ll want to shake your thang." The Dadada, 07/29/2012.

“And yes we have a weakness for original bandnames en dito albumnames, but this is just incredibly good music too”. Socks in sandals, 07/30/2012.

“Mondrian’s new EP fits the bill : a bed of tetris like sounds behind Mondrian’s vocals which range from melodic outpourings to spoken word rumblings.” Write.Click.Cook.Listen, 08/03/2012.

"La France does it again! Check these dudes. Pop electro French dudes. They crank out perfectly polished pop electro tunes. Keep ur eye on these homeboiz." Jacksonville Jerk, 08/29/2012.


released July 18, 2012

All songs by Roman Oswald & Les Gordon
Mixed by Les Gordon at Rue Surcouf
Artwork by Anika Starmer


tags: pop Paris


all rights reserved
Track Name: Euphoria
For all that’s been unsaid I hold my fifty cent lighter/Is this bed left unmade a permanent feature?/It won’t be as tough, it won’t be as rough/It won’t be as wrong as the world you belong/It’s up to ya, euphoria/For every lost feeling found head underwater//It’s up to ya, euphoria/I shine a light and keep it burning on Easter/It's up to you, it's up to me/Mine is yours/For Euphoria//It's up to you, it's up to me/Hand in hand/Euphoria/Just hold your horses, pause, tranquilize/Otherwise resign yourself to your fate and observe your share, right?/Cut it down once, pick it up twice/Of course, it won’t be as nice as the good old times/While we were riding the back of the wave, way too much slave to the wage/You’re aware of that now, so rationalize/It’s up to you, it’s up to me/White nigger and black whitey/Handclapping and right timing/Jamming with Jerry Rubin.
Track Name: 5150'd
I’m a little prick sick/Fucked up lame shit/Deconstructed brick by brick/Paramedic chic, they’re still at it/Till I can’t stand on my feet/Screwing my brains, as screwed as I am, they can’t screw me any harder/Yippee Oh Yippee Oh Yeah/5150’d/You can tell by laughing, laughing at ufos/Ufos teeming inside my brains/It’s not that complicated, to make routine epic/See the scar under my chin.
Track Name: Hipster intolerance
Dressed like c’est la guerre everyday/Does he wear a neckbeard?/It’s useless to say…/I’ve got lactose, fructose, hipster intolerance/All at once/Stressed like c’est l’ennui night and day/He swears by horn rims, handmade, leather grey/I’ve got lactose, fructose, hipster intolerance/All at once/Dragging hipsters down/Dragging them down/Blessed like c’est la vie it’s ok/Caricature of his own cliché/I’ve got lactose, fructose, hipster intolerance/All at once/Everytime I turn my head/Here hipsters are again/Throw them to the wolves!
Track Name: Karaoke kamikaze
Are you ready today not to get carried away?/One trick pony, press start to play/Your sympathy for the party should forever stay a mystery/You hurt my ears/Murder the hits/End on your knees/So please, so please/Karaoke kamikaze/You’re the very case study/Grab the mic, oh no don't!Load the mount cos' I won't/I don't wanna be a part of it/You ruined the score at the Booster Pump/One trick pony/So far so good/One trick pony/Two bars to go.