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“A flair of tropicalia threading through the sheets of your bed, fresh washed and crisp white. Something to snuggle up to and hide under.” Yvynyl, 03/10/2011.

“Sweet pop jam for daydreaming.” AudioPorn Central, 03/10/2011.

“If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, but perfect for an afternoon around the house (or a low-key evening out), then check out some that ’60s-’70s California Folk with hints of Synth Pop.” Shh, Listen, 03/27/2011.

“It is exactly the kind of sweet, glowing pop you need in the morning, with its no-brainer melodies and catchy lyrics.” Newdust, 04/01/2011.

“Whippersnapper is a three track hot bed of motionless, guitar lead melodica, simplified over with enthusiastic and mellow vocals with that all important depth and soul which a fair few of tracks hurtling around lack. Creating a unique three for three special, the French four-ring band carries off into the sunset a perfectly built record for forthcoming season.” Aerial Noise, 04/29/2011.

“This French pop group first caught my ear with their addictive rhythm and boy/girl harmonizing: now, I can't get this song out of my head!” Indie Shuffle, 06/08/2011.

“Catchy beats, fresh voices and a talent for writing will surely bring them some success. They take everything that’s good in pop to make the best out of it, creating addictive and lovely songs with a high repeat listen potential.” Music Alliance Pact June 2011.

“Pulling a more reserved style of electronic-pop than your extremists like Miike Snow, Mondrian comes close to reminding me of Knickerbocker glory. With a steady pulse, Whippersnapper is wholesome and loveable. If there was ever a demand for catchy music, let this three track EP cure it.” Dingus, 05/01/2012.


released May 1, 2011

MONDRIAN = Roman Oswald, Morning Crash, Demoiselle, Cyrille.

All songs by Roman Oswald and Morning Crash.
Mixed by Morning Crash.
Mastered by Jean-Pierre Chalbos at La Source/Top Master.
Artwork by Arian Behzadi.

Contact : mondriantheband@live.fr


tags: pop Paris


all rights reserved
Track Name: Whippersnapper
I right what is wrong/On my Dictaphone/The moon is full of nuns/The do’s are not so fool to don’t/Most just try but don’t live right in the moment/So don’t ask me, this or that, to your heart’s content/Hell yes, I’m a whippersnapper on the rise!/I got hooked on a drug called VICE/Hell yes, I’m a whippersnapper twice the size!/I got fuelled by a trip called LIFE/WHIPPERSNAPPER/FOUR LETTER MATTER/WHIPPERSNAPPER/FEVER NEVER OVER.
Track Name: Or unicorn
Some may see me sad/Something deep inside/Sh-sh-sh-shattered glass/No retro process, no love in easy access/I can’t bear this anymore/I can’t live, or unicorn/Like a nature fighting, to the core/I hurt myself where the spot is sore/No Mills and Boon romance/It leads me a merry dance/Is anybody here mucking around to find its feet and feel at peace quite a while/Anybody here mucking around to find its feet and feel at peace quite a while/Fried in the same old oil/Pride in the name of a boy/Or Unicorn/All in all/Totally lost genetically speaking/Time for the turnaround.
Track Name: A kiss a day
With a kiss a day I can keep her blues away/Cos’ a kiss a day, a security/With a kiss a day, plug and play with no delay/If I may dare say straight away/With a kiss a day, wait a bit/And you’ll beget such bliss/There is more, folks, let’s make the most of it!/Like a fly-half converting his try…/No lies I feel pixelated/No lies I’m infatuated/With a kiss a day, tit for tat and no worry/As we’re in it for honey, Penny/With a kiss a day, expressway to your skin/Under cover of sin, maybe/I’m on Monday/I’m on Tuesday/I’m on Wednesday/I’m on Thursday/I’m on Friday/I’m on Saturday/I’m on Sunday/I’m on kisses everyday/Keep it up and from me, it won’t kiss you away!/And that’s a load off my mind, oh Lord.