Allergic to rhythm


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All songs by Roman Oswald & Les Gordon.
Drawing by Aline "CAaL" Carpentier.


released June 5, 2013


tags: pop Paris


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Track Name: A day late and a dollar short
If I ever grow up one day/I wish I could remember your birthday/To call you on the exact date/Not too early, not too late/You know I try to make it work/One mistake after another/Would you save this in your brain bank?/Handle little of these sordid details/A day late and a dollar short/If I ever grow old one day/I wish I could find my identity/To solve last problems on the exit way/Hands in my pocket, nothing to worry.
Track Name: Helsinki Messuhalli 1961
Many are days made to dream/Rautalanka, you know what I mean/Pushing myself down Melody Lane/Pushing down the iron wire/But it could be anything that breaks/This little string in porcelain/What I really dreamed of with my band/Trying to reach lalala land/So, that’s the way it used to be/Waiting for things that aren’t happening/Give me something to believe in/Cos’ nothing is really happening/Wake up sick, they asked me to/Grow up quick and pay my due/Make a deal with the fool on the hill/Who can’t help on repeating:/“I’ll keep that day after day going/Cos’ nature never comes naturally to me/Playing a character study/I will put on a set of false teeth and will kiss you on the upper lip”/You know what I mean.
Track Name: Mother knows best
Mother knows best/The awful, the useless/I am grateful, I am blessed/Throw small change in the fountain, sale receipt/I can feel it though the thrill is gone/Lost and found anew in another tone/I can feel it through each cornerstone/Fascist cancers now own the town/It started out so nice/Now the deal goes haywire/If there’s something worth living/Sir, tell me in the eating/Where’s the proof of the pudding/I don’t want to be fired/A dead tree gives no shelter /Late-riser, second-rater, hangover.