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“Just the audio tonic you need to ease your where-the-hell-is-Spring blues.” Off the Radar, 02/21/2010.

“Devoted to lush and exuberant pop tunes with an incredible amount of d.i.y. attitude, little beauties reduced to the essence of a song that only intends to make you happy” No fear of Pop, 06/11/2010.

“Making some unhealthily addictive indie-pop treasures, so charming and virulent in their very nature that you can’t help but sing along even though you don’t know all the words yet.” Listen before you buy, 06/21/2010.

“Mondrian are the French answer to the Belle and Sebastian. A depressed mandolin marches along in ho-hum lockstep as sunny electronics enter and exit the arrangement with the playful attitude of a child playing in a revolving door. Choruses mix elements of the wilting beauty of a Beirut record and the partial understanding of higher order truth over and above a commercial wilderness.” 32ft/second, 09/21/2010.

“Let them unfold your clothes for you, let them cook your dinner, let them take out your garbage. Alright, maybe they won’t do that things for you, but their cool natured sound will certainly make these daily tasks that much cooler.” We all want someone to shout for, 10/27/2010.

“Their mix of synth-heavy pop – which falls closer to the new-wave of the 80s than the glo-sticks of the 90s – and quirky folk-pop comes in short blasts which slap you repeatedly in the ears with catchy verses and choruses.” Bowlegs Music Review, 03/06/2011.


released August 17, 2010

All songs by Roman Oswald and Morning Crash.
Vocals on "Love, a collision", "Very wary" & "Best kept secret" by Demoiselle.
Mixed by Morning Crash.
Mastered by Jean-Pierre Chalbos at La Source/Top Master.
Contact : mondriantheband@live.fr


tags: pop Paris


all rights reserved
Track Name: Tofu farmer
I’ve been jazzed for something somehow beautiful/Corrective glass lens injuries, for better or for worse/Cos’ early that year I thought of leaving the City/Later life and career with the finest quality/Sleep, no therapeutic pill rapture to face the problems/Fit the pieces together, pick up pace for sure/Love involves constant cares so as to last/That’s the deal, bab’, you’ve been struck off my cast/Tofu farmer/Never say never/Tofu farmer/Only gift matters/Tofu Farmer/Never say never/Like Iskandar Alexander/I couldn’t have stopped myself even if I’d wanted to/I used to be always after you who came after tofu/Guess I ain’t a past master at storytelling/But a natural born skilled tofu farmer king.
Track Name: Love, a collision
You really want to stay here ?/Where it’s the end of everything/Are you having me?/No, you ain’t and stand by your story/Recluse community/Combining lost with disillusion/This picture hurts so bad/Cos’ you ain’t under covered action/D’you hear/My dear/I can’t heave a sigh of relief/I know a little about MOM/That led you to Bohemia/Making a love night short/Well, never with ya/Cos’ I can feel/Love like a collision/Grandiose to feel/Love, a collision/What’s in it for me?/Love like a collision/A love to complete/Love, a collision/I can feel/Love like a collision/No volunteer for/Love, a collision.
Track Name: Last breakfast on Planet Surf
Ants in your pants/Like unsticking stamps on two shaggy legs/There’s no chance that you stop complaining of all this mess?/Yes son, I got eggs/And I can’t bear angst which fits with teens that regress/No more my breast will embody a beast of burden/June in July and July in May/On any normal Monday/June in July and July in May/For a formal Monday/Since the enlistment/You feel so proud of yourself, yeah, so full of content/You spread over the world the word that will save us all from some decadence/I don’t recognize you anymore/Oh Lord, bring back the good old days and connivance with my little boy!/June in July and July in May/For a formol Monday/Is this our last breakfast on Planet Surf ?
Track Name: LHG
Brake for a break/To look what you’ve left behind/Nothing worthwhile in the meantime/Cooking your brains to initiate change/You feel observed by some large hearted girl/Handle her with care as large as you can/You might have found more than bread/The yeast that makes the bread expand/Your O.P.E.R.A.tion last chance/Skip your lunchbreak/And chaperon her to Central Park/Turn into a forest to become her central point/Cos’ large-hearted girls/Stir our curiosity up/And quite deserve this little sacrifice/Graduated from tolerance camp/Will their ardour never damp?/They let on none weariness/Breastfeeding the weak and helpless/Brake for a brake/To count each day of happiness/And feel pretty proud the progress of it/Wife by your side, former LHG/Baking a raspberry cake for the family.
Track Name: Very wary
They're weren't just best friends, they were bestest friends/Either cold and heat they did stand/Then third party you came/In a seersucker rose skirt.../Where was hidden hedonism?/For both of them the answer's yes/Cos' nor such a fucking mess/To border & to look after/To look after, to border/Nor the apocalyspe & co they did care/We are not always very wary/We are not always in a hurry/To learn that one has aimed its own interest on/American hugs, American mugs/Going once, going twice, going gone/American hugs, American mugs/Just a levelling down/Then you're in the humps/This miscalculation cost me/And it weighs heavy/Torpedoing serenity/"I'm so sorry/For your sorrow/But somehow/You're suddenly my widow", you said/As you're still holding a grudge against myself.
Track Name: Things that money can't buy
It’s a tragedy, my love is gone/Sorry, agony’s gaining ground/“I would have loved to come along with you some more/But you’re well-placed to know I’m always on the run”/How to be as fit as a fiddle?/I’m far the worst porridge in the dish of a hairsprayed poodle/And Simone was someone:/Both the apple, the pie and the apple pie/A thing that money can’t buy/Oh, things that money can’t buy/For this time only/As a substitute, I strike a balance/Between the chaos she left and dominance/I think I’ll never ever free myself/From her souvenir cos' what isn’t her everywhere ?/In the Sunday ev. Post, in my bowl of cereals/It’s just enough to drive me mad for the ferial/Love = Showtime serial !/And boys will be boys, will be toys and belong/To girls/As they are/Never too shy to ask for/Oh, things that money can’t buy/She used to call me from this phone booth downtown/Just before her homeward bound/You see, nothing beats love and it's worth my while/For me, Simone’s still someone.
Track Name: Best kept secret
Once I played the drums in a college band/- Rocking your socks off!,… or just tried my hand”/Grab attention: bite the apple on the roof/Dig the Beatles, Pete’s sense of rhythm on “Love me do”/As a true proof of the best kept secret/Best bet to forget/Since I took the black veil of silence/I reserve the right not to settle our difference/Vain… as Hollywood never paid me back in its own coin/I dropped the lot and double-locked myself in, John/Am I not divine?/Keep it safe or drop the lot/Keep it safe or…/There might have been someone to rely on/A cause to champion when the privacy clause is not conformed/To laud discretion: bite your tongue a thousand times/Before to let out, to put words forward, on the lion’s den/Here lies the best kept secret.